fashion Academy

Do you have a Passion for Fashion?

Love the idea of making your own clothes?

The fashionACADEMY was created to help you nurture and grow your creative talents, turning ideas into beautiful clothing you are proud to wear!

By learning how to design, draft patterns and sew to Couture level, you will see HUGE results in the originality of your creations.

The fashionACADEMY is a place to build your confidence, nurture your creative abilities, and develop a valuable skillset that you can use for a lifetime!


Isabelle's fashion sketches

And if you’re like most of my students before they start working with me, then you probably feel frustrated, deflated and know deep down you have SO MUCH MORE to offer…you just need to be shown how!

Designing & making your dream clothes can be challenging!
How many times…
  • Have you started a creative project and not seen it through to the end?
  • Have you got stuck at a certain point and walked away!
  • Have you lacked a certain knowhow to finish what you started?

Especially if you are

  • Stuck for ideas
  • Don’t know how to draft your own sewing patterns
  • Unsure how to sew it all together in a professional way

This is what the fashionACADEMY is all about!


To inspire, mentor and motivate you to see your creative projects through to the end.

As a practising Fashion Designer Maker specialising in bespoke clothing I have a wealth of experience, skillset and expertise to share with you!I will show you the ‘Designer Approach’ to learning every aspect of Fashion Design.

Encouraging you to approach Design, Pattern Cutting and Sewing with flare. There is something SO rewarding about designing and making your own clothes! You are guaranteed no one else will be wearing the same thing!

There is also the JOY of making with your hands. It can be extremely therapeutic and so satisfying.

sketches by Isabelle
fashion designing icon


Let go & have fun developing your own signature style.

pattern cutting icon


Dive into pattern making & learn how to piece your jigsaw puzzle together.

sewing icon


Fall in love with sewing & take it to Couture level.

Joining the Academy has been life changing!

What I have learned since becoming a member of the fashionACADEMY has been instrumental in advancing my skills not just as a sewer but as a designer and pattern making. I would never have delved into the designing and pattern making elements if I hadn’t joined the Academy.

I have been sewing clothes for 30+ years and worked with commercial patterns for most of that time but what I’m learning through the Academy is how to make and design clothes that compliment my figure, fit me correctly and are unique.

Learning about research, creating mood boards, sketching designs and selecting the right fabric and really thinking about all the elements of what goes into creating wonderful garments is helping me develop my skills.

Thank you Isabelle for sharing your knowledge and passion!

Charmaine Bannister

My passion has come back again!

When I first started the academy I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was an undergrad University student at the time and had learnt a little bit of designing but never given the time to expand on it.

When first reaching out to Isabelle it was in the hopes of gaining a placement at her design studio. However years later I am still learning and developing new skills and ideas that I never would have learnt in university.

My passion has come back again and I don’t feel I doubt myself as I did before.

I have so much more to learn but I feel a lot more confident than before joining the academy, and am excited about what the future holds.

Lauren Gordon

Isabelle Randall designs hanging on the rail
pink fashion illistrations